MetaDoosH is being developed for different platforms and operating systems, (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, and iOS mobile applications, looking for a future adaptation with the different current video game platforms such as Sony, Xbox, Nintendo, and others.

Red Ethereum 2.0:

The DoosH metaverse will be hosted on the Ethereum 2.0 network, at DoosH Inc, we have full confidence and security in this network to develop our platform with great enthusiasm. And leaving the possibility of making some changes in the future for the well-being of the platform, by approval of the DAO.

Game Engine Unreal Engine 5:

The Doosh Metaverse is developed under the Unreal Engine 5 engine. The different game modes are developed in a coded simulation, which executes the game instances in a few milliseconds.

This is then connected to Unreal Engine, where it is displayed. The simulation is deterministic, which means that the server can store the input values that are very small, and any match can be reproduced. At MetaDoosH we seek to give you a realistic and unparalleled experience.

¿What is Unreal Engine 5?

Unreal Engine 5 is a virtual reality and game engine developed by Epic Games. It is an advanced platform that allows developers to create high-quality interactive experiences for a wide range of devices, including PCs, consoles, mobile devices, and virtual reality.

Unreal Engine 5 has a number of innovative features, such as Nanite, a new modeling system that allows developers to import high-fidelity models without losing quality in real-time, and Lumen, a global lighting system that provides realistic lighting in real-time.

In addition, Unreal Engine 5 includes a wide range of tools for content creation, including animation, visual effects, artificial intelligence, and sound, allowing developers to create more realistic and engaging experiences.

With its open-source architecture and subscription business model, Unreal Engine 5 is available to a wide range of developers and game studios, making it a popular platform for the creation of high-quality games and virtual reality.

Scalability Problems Immutable X:

In MetaDoosH we believe in the sense of ownership, therefore, all our assets on the platform will be cradled as an NFT’s ERC-721, thus giving users the power of the sense of ownership, but in DoosH we are also clear about the high Gas costs within the Ethereum network and the transaction limitations that this network can handle making this that many users do not see profitable the acquisition of these Nfts in this network. for this reason, at DoosH he joins Immutable X for the development of the platform.

Immutable X changes this, allowing users to exchange their NFTs without paying gas fees using what is known as zero-knowledge accumulation (ZK). In addition to the savings on gas tariffs, this gives you a variety of benefits. The immutable engine supports more than 9000 transactions per second, making these and many other benefits complementary to the proper functioning of the platform.


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