E-Commerce (electronic commerce) is basically the exchange of goods and/or services between two or more users, where at some point in the operation any digital instrument is used, whether it is a website, a mobile application, or another instrument that is different.
Nowadays there are large e-commerce platforms that serve as a bridge between suppliers and users, such as Amazon, eBay, and Facebook, among others. These large companies have created a world parallel to the traditional ways of buying goods and services, where customers from anywhere in the world can enter these large platforms and purchase any good that is published on them. At Doosh we are developing an E-commerce where users both within the metaverse will be able to visit their favorite stores and make all their purchases, that is, we will be present in an unprecedented reality, thus giving the opportunity to the entire online shopping community, the new experience of a different and fun E-commerce.
In addition, within our platform, we will be able to recreate all our favorite stores, and within the metaverse we will be able to visit them and experience the feeling of being inside the best stores in the world.
Can you imagine being inside Channel at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris or in Via Condotti at the beautiful Gucci store in Rome We offer the opportunity to all these great brands and companies to recreate their image within our metaverse in order to offer something never seen before, a parallel world where we can do practically anything.
Also, our users will be able to be on the main street of New York doing their shopping and then go to dinner at the best restaurant there is in Dubai. The digital world has no limits, no borders, no governments with laws that prevent knowing the world in the most natural way.
Join this beautiful project where we can enjoy endless possibilities in a world without limits or borders with our loved ones and in the most beautiful places in the world. Your imagination is your limit!

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