Meta Wallet and DoosHPay

In the cryptographic world, Wallets represent a fundamental role within each of the operations in the Blockchain network, since they allow us to send and receive digital currencies from anywhere in the world and at any time. In addition, they are a unique and inviolable code that stores and allows the management of all crypto assets stored in it.
At Doosh we present this valuable initiative in order to offer security, convenience, and usability for users with our decentralized Wallet in multiple networks such as Ethereum and Bitcoin Lightning, allowing users to perform multiple transactions within the main and important Blockchain networks, optimizing exchange and storage process for users.
Not only will you be able to store crypto assets in our Doosh Wallet, but in this App, we have also implemented our most precious instrument, The Dooshpay, with which you will have the opportunity to safeguard Fiat money, and you will be able to make money transfers to friends and
family in seconds and worldwide. In addition, you will be able to make payments to third-party merchants, leaving behind the obsolete, old, and decadent modality of banks using intermediaries, as well as high costs in commissions, and a lot of processing time for these Fiat money operations.
With DooshPay this will no longer be a problem, because in just seconds and anywhere in the world you will be able to carry out your operations without any problem.
This tool will be designed as a mobile application for Android and iOS operating systems, as well as an extension for desktop browsers.
Our team is developing a secure wallet for users, this wallet will have an 8-digit 2-factor authenticator, which will be incorporated into a bracelet that we are developing with cutting-edge technology and carbon fiber materials, this bracelet will work as follows: it must be less than one meter away from the device from which you will send your crypto assets.



Note: it is not necessary to get the bracelet to be able to use your wallet with all its functions, this bracelet is only optional and has a much higher level of security

Some Features and Benefits of the wallet and DooshPay:

* Wallet Ethereum
* Wallet Red Lightning
* Instant International Payments App
* Security in the management of your cryptos with the Doosh key
* International Debit Card (Coming Soon)
* Low Fees in Transactions
* Version Android, IOS y Web
* Carbon Fiber Bracelet with Proximity Sensor for Handling your Cryptos.
* And more….

DoosH Bracelet Prototype