DoosH The Immortals

The New Artificial Intelligence

The MetadoosH team is developing a virtual reality and artificial intelligence product that will leave you speechless.

In our metaverse, “The Immortals” you never die, since all Dooshernians are immortal, therefore, in our metaverse you and your loved ones will never die.

All this to a new artificial intelligence that we are developing at Doosh inc

You will also have the opportunity to acquire a digital property and build the space of your dreams with the most beautiful views and countries you want, and you can have your most beautiful precious treasures there.

Let’s do a little exercise together and then you will know what our team feels every time they think about this new technological development that we are carrying out. Let’s just close our eyes and imagine that we are immersed in our Doosh metaverse and we see that you are in the room of our dreams, your paradise, your safe zone, only our imagination is the limit to create this space of our own!

Now let’s imagine our view of the Statue of Liberty in New York, or the Eiffel Tower in Paris, now let’s place a song that we like, is it relaxing right? We are sure that yes.

But wait a minute, we haven’t told you the best, we are developing the technology to bring your loved ones who have already passed away, such as your mother or father, your wife/or, your children, whomever you want, to this space dreamed up by us, and to be able to interact with their personalized avatars as they were in this universe. We still have something else; you will be able to hear his tone of voice every time you are immersed in the DoosH Metaverse.

Can you imagine seeing and hearing Granny’s good morning every day and forever? Our team is committed to you to carry out this reality and that somehow, we will never forget those beautiful memories that marked our lives and those people who gave us so much happiness and love. Wait a moment, now read our next phase, the MetadoosH Goodbye and you will see that this is not all in the DoosH metaverse.

In DoosH Goodbye, the DoosH development team to see the consequences of the latest. epidemic of the Corona virus, where we saw many people lose their loved ones and could not say goodbye to them, thus leaving great pain in many people, therefore we are implementing a development supported with artificial intelligence, in which we can say goodbye to our loved ones in advance and even better talk in first person with our loved ones for the last time and give our last will (Testament) this protocol will be started once, let’s leave this world.

Some features and benefits of The Immortals: 

• Immersive experience in virtual reality
• Recreating the place of your dreams
• Your memories
• Your favorite music
• Your experiences
• Your achievements
• Your loves
• Your Family
• Your loved ones are already deceased and their same voice
• La vista de tu gusto, cualquier parte del mundo
• Saying goodbye to your loved ones before you die
• Saying goodbye to your loved ones with time before you die in virtual reality
• Reading your will in front of your loved ones in virtual reality as a first person, inviolable
protocol based on the blockchain and activated once the death is verified, taking this to a
safer level
• Only those designated by the user before they die will be able to access your last goodbye
• Thousands of assets available to recreate your dream space
• Yes and all this you will have in your ideal space that you will build yourself
• And more…