DoosH Marketing

By acquiring an advertising point within Doosh, you will be able to advertise your brand or rent to third parties and thus generate income. We invite the great marketing companies in the world to join this great project that will change the way of doing marketing.
Within MetaDoosh one of the main income opportunities for Dooshernians is through marketing in our great city, MetaDoosh is open to the possibility of working hand in hand with major brands and advertising companies from around the world, who wish to join this project and thus give yourself the opportunity to advertise in the best style of the great capitals of the world, New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and more. A large part of these fees will be returned to the Dooshernians who hold our passport and governance token.

Some functions and benefits Doosh Marketing:

• Advertise your brand
• Buy your Ads space
• Generate income by renting your advertising space
• Create Ads campaigns
• Business marketing
• Global connection with multiple business providers in many categories
• And more…

Coming Soon